Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sink Bath

Ava is the very first of our three ladies that has been given the opportunity to bathe in our sink. I put her there only because I was feeling too lazy to hang out in the bathroom while she played in the water. (The idea of sitting on the toilet for any length of time wasn't appealing.) Why hasn't anyone ever told me about the sink bath before? I loved it! Not only was she happy to have her own little tub, but I was thrilled I didn't have to bend over the edge of the tub to wash her. I guess with my first, bathtime was more of an event, a nightly routine. A routine whose length would be determined by the crankiness of my child. Now however, it is more of a duty-one that has been made a little easier with the discovery of the sink bath. Posted by Picasa

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NicolasaA2 said...

Julia, Julia, Julia..... what can I say....besides SINK BATHS ARE THE B-E-S-T!!?? :)