Friday, August 10, 2007

Sprinklers and Otterpops

By the time Ava woke up today it was too late to go to the pool. (I like to stay at least 3 hours.) So instead we opted for running through the sprinklers and eating otterpops. The girls enjoyed jumping over each sprinkler head. I didn't get many good shots in fear that my camera would get wet...guess I need another lense for those long shots.


ALYSHA said...

so cute and fun.
you make me want to come visit!

Amberli said...

your little ladies are so lucky, always doing fun summer things!

Marti said...

Do you have a proffesional camera? Give up your secrets! I tried to do some good shots of Haley, but it is hopeless! Help me! You guys do so many fun things. I need to get out more and get Haley doing more stuff!