Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rodeo Parade

The girls and I went to a parade today...the Rodeo parade. Lots of cowboys, horses, rodeo princesses and CANDY! A few other neighborhood friends came too. All girls except for Jake! He'll love that later I'm sure. Paul's brother Terry came as well. (He often helps me with the girls a bit if Paul isn't there to help...such a great brother-in-law.) And BTW, Ava pulled out her hair tie in the car...I don't usually style it that way!


Leah said...

Ok, that last picture...soo cute! What a handsome couple!

NicolasaA2 said...

I love the picture of Ava with Uncle T. :) Parades are fun. I hope you guys scored a bunch of candy.

Anonymous said...

These are cute. And jake definitely looks like a "chick magnet". He's a cutie. He and Lainie together are too much cuteness!