Saturday, October 27, 2007

practice, practice, practice

So outside we went this morning...I was determined to get some good lighting. I've decided not to be frustrated, after all I am in control of my attitude. (That was for you dad.) I just need to get outside more and take advantage of the nice weather we are still having in St. George. I'm ordering my tripod this week and I'll attempt to take our family pictures myself...we'll see how that goes. Until then...thanks for all the nice comments and pick me ups. I appreciate you all!


McNary's Blog-log said...

Julz, you have a talent in photography that is no question. The Lord has said that if you don't use your talents you will LOOSE them. You are just figuring things out again. It doesn't just appear.......Practice,Practice,Practice! You are SUCH the perfectionist!! LOL. Your pix are amazing.

The Bishop Family said...

I love the pics, you are doing great. You also have 3 lovely little ladies to practice on.

Staci said...

So so so so cute! That bottom pic needs to go straight to a magazine.