Monday, November 05, 2007

2 girls

Paul went to AK for 9 days and took my baby girl with him. We are on day 3 and things are going alright. I thought I'd be crazy without Ava. It's hard not worrying about her, this is my first time without her. (not including a few hours here and there.) Lainie hasn't been feeling well since they left so I have yet to enjoy some real freedom...but very soon I'm sure.


The Bishop Family said...

I bet you miss that little girl of yours, I sure did the first time I was away from Keegan and Kerrigan. Miss you sister.

NicolasaA2 said...

We are enjoying Ava!! And Paul too. :) The girls look gorgeous, as usual! I wish you all could have come. Next summer though, right?

Staci said...

It is a bitter sweet when the baby is gone. When we have left Chloe to go on a vacation, it is fun to not worry about her but sad at the same time. PS. I tagged you, read my blog for the rules..