Monday, December 31, 2007


Our Christmas Card this year.

Almost 2008! Time sure flies. It's time again to resolve to do better in a few aspects of my life. I've been pondering these for a few weeks now trying to come up with some goals I can stick too. There are so many things to improve upon.

1. Make my bed daily. (I am so bad at this, mostly because I HATE my bedding. It's the same old stuff I got when we were first married. Maybe new bedding will be incentive enough.)

2. Conceive and Bare our 4th and FINAL child. (I can't wait to be pregnant again, I totally miss it. I also can't wait to lose all the baby weight one final time and feel like we are done and have a complete family.)

3. Grow Spiritually. (short for many things including prayer, reading scriptures, regular family night, and monthly temple attendance.)


Anonymous said...

Good goals! I've been thinking about my goals too, especially since I had to talk on Sunday in Sacrament about new beginnings. Yea. BTW, I still despise the fact that you get to enjoy being pregnant!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Christmas card! Do I need to give you our address so I can get one in the mail next year?? ;) One more child?... you are such a great mom, you should have 5 more. I need to meet Ava before you have your 4th. I'm so bad, so busy, St. George always is the last place for me to get to.

Amberli said...

these sound like good goals and i guess i can't recruit you to run the st. george marathon with me this year since you'll be baring #4! we really need to coordinate our prego vs. marathon years!

you're christmas card was so cute! all of you look great!

and i know what you mean about missing being pregnant - i miss my belly! but then again it is nice to be able to breath and such!

NicolasaA2 said...

You know, I saw your adorable Christmas card on Jeremy and Terra's fridge, the Aldridge's fridge and at the Preslan's..... so I'm guessing mine got lost in the mail or something. :)

p.s. I can't believe you guys bought that nice, new bedroom set and didn't get new bedding.

Kristen said...

Way cute christmas card. I'm with you on the making the bed thing. I never usually make my bed - since I am getting back in it later! #4 huh? (then you can carry my baby...)J/K!

The Bishop Family said...

I love your goals, I haven't really made any, they have just been thrown up in the air. Our biggest goal right now is to build a house, and like you, we need new everything, it seems like we have all the same stuff we did when we started dating. Love you Verne Baby, miss you bunches.

jessica said...

I loved your Chritmas card this year! Very original. You are so talented!