Monday, February 25, 2008

All things Ava

It was just Ava and I today...Anna was at school, Lainie playing at a friend's house. So I followed her around a bit and took these. That girl loves a good book. And by "good book" I mean one that has real pages that tear easily.
She also has an interest in anything that she can grasp and this rock shown above which flew my way. I think she may have a future in softball.
She has recently discovered her ear canals and nostrils and is often seen with her finger in one or both...just checking things out.

She is definitely our little sour patch kid...she's quite a stinker, but is oh so sweet afterward and you just have to love her.


Leah said...

Sour Patch Kid. Love that.

NicolasaA2 said...

I love that her hair is still kind of dark. :) And her hair is getting so long. I love it.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. We miss you guys. Her hair is getting longer finally! And is it me or does that shirt look familiar? Things have gone around so much and been gone so long that I can't remember what's mine or yours. I figure it's just communal now. I haven't seen some of those baby clothes, except on your's or jana's for 5 years now!