Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lainie's Birthday




Our little Lainie Grace turned 5 yesterday. We had pancakes per her request in the morning and after preschool she had a few little friends over for a princess tea party. She spent the entire day ending her sentences with "on my birthday" or "because it's my birthday." For instance, after lunch I heard her tell Ava, "I have to go potty on my birthday." At the end of the day she asked me when she was going to turn 6. I'm pretty sure she loved her special day. Love you Lainie Grace.


Nicole Barona said...

She is too sweet! I'm so glad she had a great birthday.

Leah said...

Um, the pinkie on the teacup? GET OUT!

That one is a looker I'm telling you.

Ashley said...

She looks sooo happy!! I love it! You're pretty creative with that pancake too, it's cute :) Well I hope you got my message, but make sure she know's Aunt Ashley said Happy Birthday and I miss her and love her!!

Diedre said...

Oh man. Love that girl! Can I have her?