Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Babes


The babes are 9 weeks old now. They had their 2 month appointment last week and Owen and Lily are both in the 10 ish range. Owen was 10.9oz and Lil was 10.2oz.

I just had to share little man's cute outfit he wore this past Sunday. I've seen onesies similar that have iron on tie appliques on them. I decided to try to make one myself using one of Paul's old ties. I just cut the back, tied a knot and sewed the knot on a onesie. I feel so crafty.

Sorry about the not so clear picture. I grabbed the point and shoot and didn't realize there was a big huge fingerprint on the lens. I tried to clean it up a bit, but alas I'm not great with photoshop yet.


Leah said...

That is darling! I like that way better than the applique version. SO crafty!

Katie said...

VERY crafty...and cute. They are perfect little dolls.

momhirt said...

chubba wubba cheeks! what a pair! so cute.

Zak and Jessica Heath said...

Babies are adorable.The tie is so cute! I need to try that out. I am not as crafty as you though.

Nonnie and Papa said...

I long to snuggle them both!! Such a great pic Julia.