Saturday, June 13, 2009

Old Friend




One of my high school bff's came for a quick visit to St. George on her way to Kolob and Zion for some vacationing with her hubby. She specified wanting to do things and eat somewhere that is unique to St. George. So we ate some great southwestern cuisine....(cafe rio) and took them by Snow Canyon Park (shown above) and walked around Pioneer Park. It was so fun to visit with you Erin and Lucas! I'm glad you enjoyed our little town...maybe next time you can bring the whole family. We promise to visit you while in Washington next summer.


Amberli said...

um...didn't you recently give birth to twins? because i'm for sure seeing no evidence of recent pregnant-ness! such a hot mama!

Nonnie and Papa said...

Julia, you look amazing! Your husband is no slouch either!

Staci said...

Seriously Jules, I look like I just gave birth to twins and it's been 8 months and I just had one. What the heck!! What is your magical secret?