Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swimming @ McNarys


We are so lucky to have such great neighbors behind us. Anna and Madee are best friends. Today we went over to their house for a birthday party/swimming/and to watch the UFC fights. We had ourselves a bit of a scare though. Ava was done swimming and took her floaties off. She always..always hands me her floaties again when she is ready to get into the pool. All the time, but this time of course. There were about 20 people there and none of us saw her jump in. I have no idea how long she was under. All I know is that she was kicking her little feet as fast as she could to keep her body at the top of the water. Another neighbor Billy saw her and saved her. Thanks Billy. She came up crying...scared for sure. Me too. So scared. I'm instantly in tears thinking what if. My poor baby. I feel like a terrible mother. How could I let this happen to my child.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. That Ava. Hopefully she won't be doing that again!! It can happen to any of us! It only takes a second.Don't freak, you are an awesome mother!

Nonnie and Papa said...

My dear sweet Julia, I could not have picked a more perfect mother to raise my grandchildren! I love you!!!! Mom

Jessica & Justin said...

These things happen SOOOO fast. I'm not sure if you read about the incident on my blog about my friends little boy...but I will never got without life jackets again. I'm so glad Ava is okay! You are a fabulous mom! :)