Wednesday, July 08, 2009

RoadRunners Baseball





We had quite a busy few days last week. The 2nd we went to a rodeo...a first for us. The 3rd we went to a roadrunners baseball game...another first. And the 4th was spent at my sister's pool, BBQing and watching the neighborhood fireworks. 3 midnight nights in a row with Ava not napping was just lovely. I'm glad things have calmed down around here for awhile and that she can once again go to bed at a decent hour.

And no Marla...I don't think people look better when they laugh in pictures-well maybe Ashley, but certainly not me.


Nicole Barona said...

I like your shorts Paul.

Julia said...

That's Terry...notice the hand...yeah, Paul's only black on the inside. :)

Dan Kirbys Family said...

o.k. I agree.