Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hooray for Dental Insurance!





It's been years since we've had dental insurance, but with Paul's job change came really great insurance. Today was check up day for 4 of us. Luckily my mom was in town and so graciously sat with us while we were at the dentist for 3 hours!! I have to get an old filling replaced, Anna has to get some sealants done on her big girl molars, and Lainie came away with rave reviews of her pretty teeth. Sadly, though Ava was not so lucky. She has the same weak enamel that Anna was cursed with and had 3 cavities. So sad. She's really going to hate the next visit.


momhirt said...

no fun, but you gotta do it.

Zak and Jessica Heath said...

Its funny to me that you brought the camera to the dentist.

Nonnie and Papa said...

Love Ava's smile!!!!

Kristen said... feelings are a LITTLE hurt that you didn't come see me! Especially since you get an extended family discount! :-) J/K about my feelings - you do though get a discount. HURRAY for dental insurance though!! WOOHOO!