Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day





We had a wonderful Valentine's Day full of family and fun. The kiddos enjoyed our morning breakfast of heart shaped everything, we went to church, played a little mario cart, ate a delicious dinner, and celebrated Aunt Loni's birthday. Little side note: This cake is the 2nd attempt at homemade cake, and although it looked pretty, it tastest horrible. I've come to accept the fact that I am a boxed cake girl.


Ashley said...

I LOOOVE my nieces and nephews, they are so cute! And I love the pink decorations you have in the house! P.S. Happy Birthday Loni!!

Nicole said...

You should have been there Ash! Julia went ALL OUT for Valentine's Day! You would have loved all of the pink. :) The kids were beyond excited when they saw the table setting and their goody bags.

p.s. the cake did not taste horrible. it just didn't taste like a box cake. the best part was when Loni blew out the candles and the powdered sugar went all over the place.

Julia - you are really good at making people feel special on their special day!