Thursday, November 25, 2010


We started off Thanksgiving day at the park, playing some kickball. I lasted about 20 minutes with the babes because it was FREEZING! Afterward we headed over to my sister's to have Thanksgiving meal #1. Delicious. (BTW, she has the BEST ever recipe for Turkey if anyone would like it. It cooks for 12 hours and literally falls off the bone.) About 3pm I loaded up the kiddos and we drove to Vegas along with my brother, Marcus, to eat meal #2 with Paul at his station. It's not until I'm in another's environment that I realize I HAVE SO MANY KIDS. They roamed around that station for hours. Owen even left a bit of artwork on the walls. We headed back to St. George around 9 and put the kiddos down to bed at my sisters while we joined the other crazies doing some black Friday shopping. Back in bed by 2pm. It was a great day and in all of that, at least I got ONE picture.

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