Monday, August 06, 2012


Around the first of August Paul got what we thought were a couple of bug bites around his eye. They started small, but then seemed to swell a bit over a period of 3 days. My sister said one night, "that looks a lot like shingles." Paul quickly looked it up online and agreed so we ran to the night clinic and it was confirmed. Shingles!! The next few days got progressively worse. Every day he'd wake up without shoulder pain and with excruciating head pain. He likened it with having someone constantly hit your head with a hammer. It dampened his spirits quite a bit. I felt really bad. He couldn't love on his children with a hurt shoulder and contagious face. They all had their chicken pox vaccine so we were fine but he was still very careful. It got worse for about 6 days before it started getting better. Here are a few shots of his worse days.

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