Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Exciting Evening

We had quite the night tonight. It started with a thunderstorm that lasted only about a half hour but brought some serious rain and lightning. My neighbors fence was struck by lightning and we were in the garage when it happened. It was about 50 feet from us....soooooo loud! The girls started screaming/crying. They were quite scared. Later on the flood came, and came and came. Our back yard was filled with water. It came up to the edge of our patio, but that's it. A few houses in the area weren't so lucky. Apparently the storm is supposed to continue and we'll get more rain tomorrow. Hopefully we'll stay dry! (By the way, these are pictures of our lawn.)


alysha said...


who takes all of your pictures? and do you have the nicest camera ever?

all just beautiful shots I have to say.


Leah said...

Love these Julia! So glad your house was spared.

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! BTW, can you get rid of this word verification junk?