Saturday, January 31, 2009



Why? Why must Ava feel it necessary to paint her own toenails with the brightest pink polish she can find...and on carpet. UGh! I scrubbed and scrubbed with acetone/polish remover...oh well. I've always hated that carpet anyway...I guess I'm one step closer to the walnut hardwood floors I've been wanting for years.


The Stemkoski's said...

Julia...I know you want those hardwood floors, but try some Goof Off or Goo Gone...that may work. Good luck! Congrats on the potty training and you look fabulous!!! -Sonya

Barbi Mecham said...

Don't you love it! I also have one of those adorable, independent girls. We have had our share of polish accidents.
Side note: You are looking so adorable!

Ashley said...

Don't blame that on Ava!!! I know you did it so you could get those hard wood floors :) Haha.