Wednesday, May 06, 2009





I took these this past Sunday. It was our first Sunday back to church and we fared well. I was a bit nervous about the whole nursing twins in public part, but it all worked out fine. The babies are 6.5 weeks here. Lily had a hard time keeping her eyes open outside. It's amazing how different they look from each other. Lily is so fair, with red hair, and blue eyes. Owen is dark like Lainie. After church we took a little walk around the block with my mom. I feel so lucky to have her here.


Barbi Mecham said...

I can't believe how big Owen and Lily are getting. They really do look quite a bit different, although both so cute! I can't believe you are a mother of 5! You go girl!

Nicole Barona said...

Lily couldn't keep her eyes open and Owen looks completely annoyed that you even exposed him to the sun. :)

Keep the pictures coming!

Nonnie and Papa said...

Great pictures Julia. How we miss all of you!

Anonymous said...

Nice stroller! And I can't believe you've got a blue eyed babe! They are really growing. I guess that's what happens eh? Such sweeties.

Melanie said...

Cute little babes. It is probably so nice to have your mom there for awhile.

Staci said...

Jules, they are such cute babies, love the pics!