Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back on the boat

Friday and Saturday were both at sea days spent lounging by the pool and eating way too much. We did more karaoke, dancing and hot tubbing. And more comedy and vegas style shows. We played cards and read books and took naps. We stayed up way past our bedtime. I think I may have eaten over 20 soft serve cones in a week. It was great! Friday night was our second formal night. We had come to know and love our waiter Ariel. He was from the Philipeans and had worked for the cruiseline for 9 years. I wanted to take him home with me. He was very kind and sweet and we enjoyed his company.
Sunday morning we checked out and headed home. Great to see all my babes on Mother's day. I feel revived and refreshed to be a better mother to them. Not to mention I feel like a honeymooner again. It was time with Paul I really needed. Love you babe. And thanks Mom, for being such a great mother to me and taking care of my offspring for an entire week. You're amazing. Happy Mother's Day.

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